Monday, July 26, 2010

can't wait to show you what I made for myself!!

I made two hats this weekend. I want my husband to take a picture of me in my favorite one. Here is a picture of my daughter in the first(trial) hat I made. It is a bit big on her but looks very cute on her - for some reason it doesn't work on me - but the other one....I can't wait to show you!!

Sorry about the weird expressions on C's face. The sun was too bright for her she said.  I gave her this hat and I am sure she will wear it - she is my hat girl.


  1. Your pretty hat looks perfectly pretty on lovely C!
    Now bring on your own hat, you creative lady. Have a happy week!xx

  2. C and the hat - both very cute! can't wait to see yours..

  3. Love the cute hat, Melissa! You did a great job! :)