Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sometimes you just know

I have some projects to show you but I just haven't worked up the pictures yet. Here's why.

When I got back from vacation I downloaded all my photos and sorted them. Then I gave myself some play time and worked up the macro shots I did (I've done macro for so long it takes me no time at all and it is fun - kinda like dancing).

Fuschia are, in my opinion, hard to make look awesome in photos. Somehow, I can never sort them out from how I see them without a camera in front of my face to how I seen them when I  look in the lens. This one works, I think.

I squished him for my sister after I photographed him eating her gerbera daisy. :)

I think that for a spider, he has a pleasant expression. 

Miracle and one of her kittens. There is a really cool story behind her name that I won't share right now because I am trying to keep this short.

Then I started working on the photo shoot of my nieces. 

My sis and her girls. E (the baby) is in a no-one-but-Mom can hold me stage and can get unhappy quite quickly if she is put down. 

Tell me she doesn't have the yummiest legs on the planet!! 

G's favorite kitten because it looks the most like Miracle.

Smooch...isn't she coy and adorable?

I love low-key photos of babies...

I've still got lots of photos to work up of G and E. Plus I have the photos from my sister's in-laws to work on but...I also have to put together photos for a seminar I am teaching on Friday. Here are some vacation shots I am using to show some basic photo concepts.

But last night I had to put aside cute children and seminar worthy shots for VBS. These are a few shots where I knew before I shot that unless I flubbed they would be cool.

One of the most photogenic little boys I know. I've done preschool Christmas nativity shots of him two years running and he is sooooooooo cute. I just love his careless attitude in this photo. He has become rebellious and doesn't like to participate and he does it with a bit of attitude.

She is the daughter of a friend. Her sister's share the same old-fashioned cameo faces. Gorgeous. I saw her little head peeking from behind those two chairs.

But...the photo below is the one that I almost held my breath when shooting it (and some little boy kept sticking his head in front of the camera while I was shooting). Aaaah. :)


  1. Oh my gosh, your work is fabulous! Absolutely breathtaking....
    That last phote is stunning.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Wow you have some really beautiful shots in there.. love the pleasant spider :)

  3. Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful! I imagine shooting children is pretty hard (even if they are relations)with getting them to sit still, smile, etc. Your macro shots are fabulous-the fuchsia is pretty and the bug shots cool!

  4. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. And I never know how to describe those faces. Old-fashioned Cameo is perfect.

  5. Love your photos! Love them. Especially the black and white, they are so evocative. Color saturates the eye and we miss some of the subtleties. And your macro shots are awesome. Thanks, BTW, for naming me as the winner of last week's creative linky party, I am flattered and honored.

  6. Melissa,

    You are so incredible talented. I love the baby shots - they just take my breath away. Would love to get some tips from you - photographing, editing, anything!!!

  7. incredibly... incredible, too, but I meant to say incredibly talented.

    also, just processed your title - sometimes you just know - yeah, I have a few pictures that i just *knew* were going to be favorites when I snapped them.

  8. I love all of these photos Melissa! You are right about the last one though, it is quite stunning....her eyes are so beautiful!!!

    You are so clever to be able capture all of these seemingly ordinary moments and make them extra-ordinary!

    Best wishes,

  9. Lovely photos, very skilled.
    You did a wonderful job with the fuchsia!