Monday, June 07, 2010

Oops skirt

I made K a denim skirt to go with her halter top. The first version (above) was so tight we could barely pull it over her had so I redid it (below). Unfortunately, the photos really don't make the two variations seem different!!

I am afraid I was less than Christ-like the first Sunday she wore these to church. Our church has Sunday School between two services and we go to second service. When I picked her up for Church she was filthy. Her face had dirt on it, her clothes were dirty, her sandals super dusty and even muddy on the insole (she has very sweaty feet) and she had several scrapes including one on her shoulder.

They had taken the kids to the school playground to play since it was the last Sunday of 'regular' Sunday School.

They've done it in the past and it irritates me because my girls get their nice Sunday clothes filthy if they are given half a chance. I had to take K home and give her a quick bath and new clothes which means we missed worship and made it in time for the sermon. :)

I will probably post tomorrow and Tuesday and I will do my best to comment but we are leaving for a ten day trip to my sisters on Wednesday and so I may be a slacker. While we are gone I won't post anything but stuff that relates to my "Looking for a Creative High Party" and I won't comment.

Oh one more piece of business. I am a finalist in the Iron Crafter Competition!

They selected my Tin Can Purse as a finalist.


  1. Yay for both of us! There is a great list of finalists in the top ten!! I featured your blog button today. Check it out and let me know if there is anything you would like changed! Thanks being willing to participate!

  2. Cool, I hope you win...can I go vote? I am going over now.......

  3. Got my vote!~ Love that tin can bag...I am making something tin can now probably was your inspiration and I did not even realize it....:)

  4. Have fun on your vacation!! Congrats on being in the top 10!

  5. I hope that you have a wonderful trip!!

    I totally understand your frustration. Seems we all have them...sometimes daily!!

    The skirt is cute. I think I would of called it a day and never redone it. Good job for persistence!!

  6. I am impressed that you went back to church after the playground incident, good job!