Friday, May 14, 2010

New Friend Friday Favorite Childhood Memory

I was generally an angry child. There was no particular reason, I had loving parents and was given great freedom due to my parents financial limitations. Because they worked several jobs a piece we children were given the opportunity to run like Indians. We lived on a farm in a very rural area of Kansas and so we did just that.

As an adult, I believe my anger was largely chemical. My mother and I've discussed it and there is a history of anger with people on her side of the family. When I was put on anti-depressants the anger that had been with me my whole life melted away. A growing relationship with God helped too.

One of the most lovely and peaceful is from bedtime. I had an attic bedroom and my bed was next to the window. The window was just the right height for me to put my pillow on the sill. So in the summer I would often lay with my head on the sill listening to the turtle doves and locusts and watch the barn swallows as the sun sank away. I could listen to the rain and watch thunderstorms roll in from that window...breezes would billow the sheer curtains out across my bed and I could catch the scent of rain.

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