Saturday, March 27, 2010

I thought I was smart...But I wasn't

I had this brilliant idea. I was going to make candles from old incandescent light bulbs. I even figured out how to get the wick to the bottom easily using fishing sinkers.

I thought that glass lampshades turned upside down would make great stands for the candles. They do.

But I didn't realize how much oxygen candles need to burn. They need a lot more than they can find inside a light bulb. I would have to have either only filled them up partly with wax (and I am not sure that would have worked) or filled the bulb to the absolute top with wax and throw it away after it burned down to below the bulb's threads.

So I turned the shades over and set them in old ashtrays and put a candle inside. So much for creativity.

I actually have the nerve to share this at parties. Mostly because I really have to laugh at this failure. If you want ideas that work - check out the wonderful linky parties I link with.


  1. Hey - Kudos for trying and for sharing what you learned.

    Oh, and thanks for the camera tip. I can try it today!

  2. Well, you tried anyway! Finding humor is a good thing too. :)

  3. Ha ha! That sounds soooo familiar!

  4. Way to think outside the box my friend! Never a waste of time in my book. :)

    (it WAS a clever idea!!!)

    Thanks for linking up to SNS! :)
    FJ Donna

  5. My goodness, girl, that was some idea. Could you use them as oil burning, or would that take the fun out of it?

  6. Nice try anyway!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your 'light bulb' moment.

    I just may have to start another blog. I could call it 'Things that Didn't Work'.

  8. Bad luck, what a shame. But I actually really like the simply look of the candles placed inside the shades.

  9. Lol! Hey, they look cool!!

    Thanks for linking!

    Poppies at Play

    BTW, great job with the girl's dresses!!