Monday, March 29, 2010

Christmas Dress to Easter Dress Refashion

I am sharing this at many craft parties. Don't forget the people who host these parties and the people who participate. Check out the parties I belong to.

I found these dresses on clearance in February along with a bunch of other Christmas dresses for - get this - 3 dollars. These looked like they could be made into beautiful Easter dresses. The fabric is a gold brocade.

An old table cloth, tulle, and ribbon make for more fluffy, springish dresses.

The over skirt is a beautiful old oval tablecloth I bought for 2 dollars at the thrift store. I cut off the rounded ends for the overlay. I decided to make the overlay off center to correspond with the bow that was already on the dress.

Add a tulle peekab00 ruffle to the bottom of the dress.

The result is off-center and a bit peekabooish and whimsical which I like.

Then I made a flower out of tulle and sewed it on under the bow, which is now mostly obscured. I used a vintage button for the center of the blossom.

I actually bought three dresses and the end result was I used the largest for my oldest and the one I bought for my oldest on my youngest. I might make hairbands or something from the extra dress.

Between making these dresses on Saturday and photographing the girl's dance recital on Sunday - I didn't do much else over the weekend. Church was wonderful though. K was a pill and squirmed and writhed and fought me before children's church. I wish I had the camera - she curled up in a ball in this dress - on the bench next to me and while she was a pickle - I couldn't help thinking what beautiful photos she would make like that. :)

Just about nine-months ago we cut five inches off this mane of K's. I think it is starting to look a bit ragged - time to cut off more. Her hair is thick and strong but when it constantly gets put in braids and ponytails the ends get frayed from the hair bands.

When we went into the backyard to do this shoot, we found a surprise left us by some stray cat.


  1. That dress is pretty!

  2. Love the dress but the bird not so much! LOL. Anyway, that is a great idea. Next year I'll be on the look out for clearance Christmas dresses.

  3. What a great idea to look at Christmas clearance for spring dress potential. Beautiful results too!

  4. Great transformations.