Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Natasha from 5 minutes just for me gave me The Beautiful Blogger Award

I am supposed to pass this on to five beautiful bloggers and tell a little about myself. I am going to pass this on to some of my oldest blogging friends who have been following me forever.

Judy from Anybody Home has been a dear friend forever. Someday when I visit my sis in Michigan I will stop in the big GR area and visit Judy too.

Jody from The Deputy Domain has the most serene and beautiful personality and her blog exudes peace. Jody posts rarely now because she is a busy Mom whose priority is her children but whenever she posts it is a treat. Her posts are always uplifting and always remind one of our Creator and King.

Heidi from God's Grace in Practice is an inspiration. When I met her she had one little boy and she was studying the Ragamuffin Gospels and blogging about it. Her blog has taken us through the journey of her pregnancy and delivery of a most delightful, beautiful little boy she refers to as Little Boy Blue (with the most stunning eyes - I would love to photograph him someday). Heidi's journey really has lived up to the title of her blog and I feel honored to have her as a friend.

Connie from Notes from a Cottage Garden is a beautiful and thoughtful garden and inspirational blogger I met when I had a garden blog. When I discontinued my garden blog she followed me home to Those Northern Skies my first and longest blog.

Bobbie-Jo from My Journey Home is the newest of my old friends. She is a remarkable Christian and a very real mom of a large brood that she home schools like Jody. I love her willingness to be open and vulnerable.

About me: I've been blogging since September of 2006 (I think). My blog was/is a personal blog. Last year, I dropped off the radar for probably nine months or so. I was burned out. Since I've returned I've focused mostly on my crafts projects and my photography. I need to as my girls will both be in school full-time. They go to a private school and I need to generate income. My writing for Suite101 and my fledgling photography business are how I hope to help hubby keep them in school.


  1. Thank you for such kind words, and for thinking of me for this award. I hardly feel like the person you describe, but I long to be her.

    I can't wait until OneDay when I get to meet all my blog sisters!

  2. Awww. Thank you!