Wednesday, February 24, 2010

adult baby doll tunic to girl's skirt and shirt set

This is another refashion for C’s dress wardrobe. I am the kind of woman where there is lots to love, which you would guess if you saw my old tunic that I used for this – but I can’t find the photo I took for before and then my battery went flat and the photos I took with my other camera are over-exposed so… Imagine a baby doll tunic with a ruffle on the bodice. I thought I might like sparkly when I bought it. I found out two things – I don’t like sparkly in this form and the metallic threads that make it sparkle make it itch.

  • I cut the skirt off the tunic.
  • When I was folding C’s jeans I noticed she had a pair of jeans that were too short for her that she was still wearing (she never seems to go out of the waist of anything) so I thought I could use them for this. What is especially nice about this is the pockets of the jeans are pink and glittery too.
  • I cut the legs of the jeans
  • I gathered the skirt of the tunic to fit around the hips of the jeans.
  • I pinned the right sides together and sewed the skirt on. I flipped the skirt down only to realize the bottom ran out of thread about a third of the way around. Urgh.
  • I cut part of the neckline and the ruffles off the tunic and sewed them onto a three-dollar long-sleeved t-shirt.

When C tried this on, I thought it looked a bit off so I found this old scarf and made it into a belt for her.

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  1. She looks adorable, though cold. ;)

    You're so clever...always so clever.

  2. Cute! I always like figuring out ways to make old clothes into new ones. Great job!