Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

I am a Beautiful Blogger, at least Catie from Do Ah Diddy thinks so. And I think that is pretty cool!! Thanks Catie!!

So, here are my instructions:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. Check!!

2. Pass this award on to 7 bloggers you've recently discovered and whom you think are fantastic.

The Inadvertent Farmer

Trash to Treasure Decorating
5 Minutes Just for Me
Artsy Crafts Babe
Maximum Rabbit Designs
Nap Time Journal
And I would pass it back to Catie if I could.

3. Contact said Blogs to let them know they've won. Check.

4.State 7 Things about yourself.

  1. I have two fabulous daughters with unusual names.
  2. I drink iced tea to the exclusion of everything including water - but I try to justify it.
  3. Getting somebody's old buttons, ties, keys, whatever as a present is high on my list of favorite things.
  4. I read heavy duty literature. I read Anna Karenina by Tolstoy in January in less than a week but now I am bogged down in Bleak House by Dickens.
  5. I belong to two different book clubs.
  6. I shower in the dark.
  7. I hate scraping the last of anything out of a jar and am just as likely to return it to the shelf as scrape it.


  1. thank you so much for my award :0)

  2. How kind of you to think of me and congrats to you too!

    Love your list-very interesting!

    Best wishes,