Friday, April 03, 2009

princesses and superheros

The princess photos are from a little shoot I did this afternoon, we are taking a trip to Disneyworld in the summer (I know I sound ungrateful at best but I DON't WAN't TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!)

In the past (for trips), I've made the girls coordinating photo t-shirts with legends like pill and stinker on them. This time, I've decided to make princess t-shirts. Grace's will say Princess Rose Red and Light's will say Princess Rose Pink (they photos on the t-shirts will be in color) with the photo of themselves on it. Mine will have a photo of the pair and will say The Queen Mum.

You all will recognize K's cape. However, I finally made four more. Two of them have already gone to their new home at the preschool but they are counterparts to the blue and gold capes you see here. I am pleased - two skirts and two worn out denim shirts equal four capes!!

Grace finally got her cape - the one with the blue heart and the girl's cousin A got his. For the preschool capes, I did a pink heart on the cape like Grace's and I made a lightening bolt on the gold cape.

On Grace's cape, I use the buttonhole placket from each shirt for the ties.

PS Judy will laugh to hear that I kept the cuff's too and I had the same thought she did - wristlets... ;)


  1. Oooh.., you know me TOO well. I was thinking that as I was reading...

    Presently, my cuffs are buttoned around two empty chopped green chili cans. The fit is perfect, and the inside of the can is already a shiny white!

    I'm thinking.., maybe tiny little Easter baskets for those kids I know.

    LOVE the pictures. Your girls will treasure their childhood.

  2. I love the are so very talented...and you make such special times for the girls...

  3. The girls are gorgeous. I love the wreath of flowers! You couldn't pay me to go to Disney ;)

  4. Anonymous6:14 AM

    You make the coolest things!

    And hurrah for was it? I like the idea of the t-shirts too, lol.

  5. Disneyland is kind of like a catch-22: If you go when you're young, it's worlds of fun but you have trouble remembering. If you go when you're old, you can have a fair amount of fun but never forget the long lines.