Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter, Crafts, Kyler, Friends, and Escapades

On Friday, Grace's best friend came over to play. Here are the three girls dressed up.

My parents came for Easter, while they were here, I had Mom help me pick the finishing touches for the votive candle I was making for her.

Mom brought the Easter dresses and purses that she made for the girls. I fancied up some 1-dollar Target hats to go with the dresses. They also wore the cross necklaces that Mom and I made for them last year.

The girls love to make gingerbread cookies with Mom and Dad so they they made Easter Egg cookies.

My Sister's Update on Kyler

Thanks! Kyler had a cardiology appointment on Wednesday. The praise is that he is gaining weight and the drugs are preventing heart failure. He is now at the monstrous size of 7pds 2oz! He gained enough to not be put into the hospital, but his weight gain is not as fast as they would like. Please continue to pray for his continued growth and that the hole in his heart will close. Thank you to everyone who has been praying! We truly appreciate all of the prayers.

Mom called this afternoon and told me that Kyler had gained another half a pound this week.

Mom and I made two of these burlap baskets this weekend. The girls made the chicks. We brought one basket of chicks to the little boy next door. The other basket ended up being a rather special delivery.

The girls and I make friends at the places we frequently shop. A couple of years ago, it became the habit to take the girls to Dunn Bros once a week. I get a small iced tea, Light gets a small ginger mint lemonade, and Grace gets water.

We are good friends with the store manager, Peggy. Peggy and I share similar interests so on occasion, I've made her small gifts. Before Easter, she made me a gorgeous sugar and frosting Easter Egg. When she gave it to me, Light said we needed to make something for Peggy.

Tuesday, we delivered the basket. Peggy started crying. She shared that her most difficult and hateful customer had just walked out when we walked in. She shared that her father has terminal cancer and that he had unaccountably stopped at the store that morning too.

I told her we would pray for her and her father. Peggy is an unbeliever. Please pray for me as I testify to Peggy. I am not good at testifying to my faith when I am face to face with a person but I want to learn and I want to be there for Peggy.

Finally, the escapade. This morning I went outside to do yard work with Light. After I finished I told her she could stay in the backyard for a little longer (we have an eight-foot privacy fence). I went in and worked on bills. Fifteen minutes later, I went to bring Light in.

She was sitting on the rocks, under our deck, as n@k#d as the day she was born. I asked her why she took off her clothes. I asked if she pottied in them. NO. Did you go p66p in them? NO. Why are you n@k#d? Because I want to be.

I managed not to laugh at her or yell at her. After she retrieved her clothes, we went in and I explained to her why it was unsafe.

I can imagine the balmy 65-degree-Fahrenheit air felt delicious.


  1. Such sweet photos, and the girls dresses are awesome, and ove the storis and OH You should update more often!

  2. The dresses are incredibly beautiful. The girls look so wonderful in them.

    The outside story was very funny. :)

    I'm sorry to hear of the troubles of your friend at the shop. I also have trouble expressing my faith in those situations. I feel like I get kindof shocked and don't have words.

    Glad to hear Kyler is improving.

  3. You have the coolest parents!

  4. The girls dresses are so cute. Your mom did a great job. Of course the pictures are wonderful of them.

    The burlap nest are so cute.

    I am glad kyler is doing better he is still in our thoughts!!

    Love the story of light not wanting to wear her clothes but toldely understand why you had to have a talk with her.

  5. I have trouble sharing when I feel it will sound like another Christian platitude. May God give you grace and boldness to speak with her.

    Oh so sweet that she was in her birthday suit!

  6. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Lol I laughed at your story about Light, Chatterbox is a bit of streaker herself.

    I love your photos and will continue to pray for Kyler.

    I will also pray about your witness to your friend. I think the best witness is the life of Christ within us and sometimes words aren't always necessary...but of course sometimes they are, so I pray that He gives you the perfect words of comfort and hope.

    Hugs and blessings.

  7. What a wonderful post resounding with family joy!

    I left feedback on Etsy but have to say again how much I love my button tin - it is already hanging happily (except when I take it down to show visitors!).