Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pollyanna type award...

Nearly a month ago, the lovely Emma from songs I sing gave me an award. I was honored as I don't generally feel like the worlds most optimistic person.

The concept behind the award being that the blog creators have shown an uncanny knack for seeing silver linings and making the best of bad situations (i.e., lemonade from lemons).

Rules: Name ten sites that reflect this silver linings philosophy.

My ten choices

Mimi from Listen to Grammie
Emma from songs I sing
Melissa from A Contemplative Joy
Jodi from The Deputy Domain
Heidi God's Grace in Practice
Heather from An Untraditional Home
Brian from Heavenward
Julie from Is there a shadow?
Judy from Simply Thrift
Bobbie-Jo from My Journey Home

A little story of found lemonade. I had an car accident on Monday. It was snowing. Nobody was hurt except for the vehicles. It was my fault - failure to yield. Or perhaps I yielded incorrectly - I yielded to the need of a Mom to meet the needs of complaining kids in the backseat rather than paying attention to the road.

I took care of business before we went home. We went to the insurance company and to the auto body shop. By the time we left the auto body shop. Light was shot and had a complete melt-down. You know the kind, the ones where you end up carrying a kicking and screaming child out of a public place.

Needless to say, I was more than a little discouraged on my drive home. I had been praying from the accident forward for patience and a willingness to let it go. On the way home, I had a thought, not a thought I offered in prayer. Just a desire of the heart. I hoped that I wouldn't have to clear the driveway. I hoped that the man across the street (one of the few snow blower owners near our house) would do as he occasionally does and clear our drive.

When I arrived home I saw him doing his neighbor's drive. It wasn't until I was backing the car into our garage that I realized he had cleared our driveway too. I ran down the street and thanked him.

Apparently, he did a few other neighbors' driveways too. That night, Tim went out after the plow to clear the stuff off the end of the driveway. He noticed that a man was clearing the restaurant house drive in the dark. (The restaurant house is owned by some people who own a Chinese Buffet and most if not all of their employees live in that house. It is the house to our left when you look at our house).

Then he cleared the end of the driveway of Mr. Snowblower. Turns out that Mr Snowblower had cleared his driveway. Sometimes good works do spread like a virus and when they do - it is really, really cool.


  1. so sorry to see that you had had an seems that God was answering your prayer and teaching you patience.....

    The snowblower guy showed himself to be a really good and kind neighbor...

    so all in all it wasn't such a bad day...

    I am so happy that no one was hurt...

    thank you for the kind award...I will try to make lemonade every time life hands me lemons...which is pretty often I'm afraid

    have a better day tomorrow..

  2. I'm sorry about your accident. I know the dragging-the-screaming-kid-out feeling, too. Sometimes that's worse than the accident! But your day turned around. It's hard to start a good attitude in bad circumstances.

    Thank you for thinking of me!

  3. You're a sweetheart, and I thank you so much. A smile on this bitterly cold day is a good thing! :)

    I do think you're cool.

  4. Saw the news early this week about the car, *hit happens and we all wish we could go back and change things, but we can not, not yet. At least no one was hurt physically. Watch for pain now since it can take a few days before some stuff starts to show up.

    Take care of yourself and use this as a warning, slow down. Life is short and though we often need to hurry, do so in a careful manor. Be safe!

  5. Thank you very much for the award.

    I am so sorry about the car accident. I have been in several (mostly minor) but they really are never that minor.

    It is wonderful to have helpfulness like that in your neighborhood. I have a fond memory of a blizzard like storm in our neighborhood and the comoradary of everyone shoveling out at once.

  6. Nothing worse than a car accident, so sorry you had to spend valuable energies on that. Very nice story and deserved award, you do inspire.

  7. Oh, Melissa, I'm so sorry you had an accident, but I'm very glad no one was hurt!!

    I loved your lemonade story ... what good - no great - neighbors surround you.

    What a sweetie you are for including me in your list; thank you!