Tuesday, January 20, 2009

please pray

Several years ago, I had two root canals. One of them was very, very close to the nerve.

In December, I noticed blackness of the gum around the base of one of my teeth. I proceeded to initiate, my standard mode of operation, which is ignore it. Eventually I showed it to hubby. After Christmas, I was supposed to make an appointment with the dentist. I didn't.

I finally did make that appointment last week. I couldn't get in until this Friday. Last Friday, I went to my doctor to have my ears and sinuses checked because I was suffering ear pain. I was up front with the doctor saying it could be my tooth. She checked me out and said it wasn't my ears or sinuses but did give me a prescription for an antibiotic.

It did help. But today, my ear is bordering on excruciating. I know it is the tooth - so I am trying to just get along until Friday.

I am apprehensive about this visit because I know they will pressure me for a replacement that will cost thousands, which I can't afford. However, hubby is hesitant to have the tooth pulled since it is three teeth forward from the back.

I need a little relief from pain - and I need wisdom.


  1. Oh dear, you definitely have my prayers.

  2. praying for your pain...and wisdom in what to do about the tooth...

    perhaps the dentist will let you make payments...

  3. Oh my. Can you possibly get an earlier appointment.


  4. Praying for wisdom. Goodness.

  5. Oh no.

    I shall pray.

    Mouth issues frighten me like nothing else. Having babies is a walk in the park next to teeth stuff.

  6. You poor dear! You have my prayers for a good resolution.

  7. You certainly have my prayers!

  8. Oh no, Dear Melissa.
    I would pull it and worry about the replacement later. If the Dentist wants to pressure you for a new tooth tell him you haven't the money and ask about other options--dental students sometimes do work for less $--or in exchange you could take beautiful pictures of Dr.'s family THAT's worth a whole mouth of teeth! (I always try to barter my way through. My husband gets free haircuts from a gal he did some design work for same too for a gal who comes in to clean, he made a website for her.)
    I do know one of the best things for the teeth and mouth is Hydrogen Peroxide. Soak a cotton ball and put it on your tooth. It will help fight the infection and ease the pressure you are feeling in your ear. It's a godsend, H2O2. I swear by it. Keep it on as long as you can stand, I rinse my mouth with H2O2 but my husband can't stand to.
    Prayers being sent and let this be a lesson to all of us. I'm long overdo for a dentist visit myself.

  9. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I will pray too, BIG HUGS.

    A friend of ours is in a similar situation, he needs two teeth pulling because he can't afford the root canal work, which will be over a £1000. He's very laid back about it though - he's the wisest most laid back person I know.

    But God has all the answers.

    Love and hugs.

    p.s. hope you enjoy your toad-in-the-hole tea!

  10. oh boy. There is nothing like a toothache. I will be thinking of you. Good luck!