Friday, August 15, 2008

what do you think

of the work of my hands?

i've been creating again lately.

i made close to 25 of these book marks in a wide range of colors and styles
- i gave them to members of my book club

pear christmas ornament

button wall art


  1. The bookmarks are lovely. It took me a moment to gain perspective and see them for what they were, but I really like them.

  2. Beautiful! You are so talented.

  3. Lovely! Keep creating! And showing!

  4. The Button hanging is wonderful - so simple and yet so much to look at. Rust and buttons two of my favourite things! Now I wish I had not thrown out the old cup cake tin.
    Beautiful bookmarks too, what a lot of timeyou must have put into them.

  5. Your crafting is really cool. I love it all. The colors and beading are superb. Now I feel guilty for tossing out the old rusty muffin tin that was a wedding shower gift. What a great upcycling idea.