Friday, August 15, 2008

my little prairie girls

it occurred to me several days ago that i ought to photograph the goliath sunflowers before the heads grew so heavy that they pulled the tops down. i asked the girls if they would be willing to let me photograph them so i could show how tall the plants were and dq suggested they wear their little house on the prairie costumes i made them for christmas in 06

while we were at it, i thought that it would be nice to give some perspective on the branching habit of these volunteer sunflowers. the finch love these plants. you see two plants in this image but most of it is one plant the stalk of which you can see to the right behind stinkerbell.


  1. HEY TOTO we is in "Caaan-sas now!

    awwww..they are darling. Love the prairie-ista frocks. You sew very well btw. Those look like the Russian Mammoth sunflowers, but you said they are volunteer? The RM heads get as big as plate chargers. These northern beauties of yours are impressive. We have our state common sunflowers, they are tall, but the heads are smaller. More like weeds...and I'm sneezing.

  2. Absolutely wonderful!

  3. WOW! Those are some sunflowers!

  4. Oh yes, I recognize those tall monsters. And I do love the branching sunflower.

  5. I am sure we don't have sunflowers that tall in Australia. They are amazing, and your girls beautiful as always.
    Do you eat the sunflower seeds or just grow them to look nice?

  6. What sweet the prairie dresses!

    Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog. Hope you'll visit again soon. :)