Wednesday, June 18, 2008

oh, goodness me - how odd - it must be the virus

Sweet Mimi stopped by to see if I was improved. I am sorry report that I am not. In addition, the girls are now sick (Me and Stinkerbell seem to have it the worst) and it seems that hubby has come down with it too. The sad thing (to me) is that I've been doing my best to behave. I've been getting plenty of rest sense the seminar and trying to take it easy.

Today, we decided it really was too nice to stay inside so the girls got to have a picnic breakfast in the tent. And I decided to ignore the embarrassing condition of my yard (due to a late spring, school commitments, the prolonged visit of the in-laws, excessive rain, and now this bug) and take photos to share with you all.

It was hard to not do yard work (and I have to admit I did do two small batches of transplants (columbine and zinnias)).

We paid for our indulgence though SB is coughing like crazy - and I just finished a little choking attack. It has been frustrating. SB and I have both had to spend some time sleeping in the armchair so that we can breathe.

Last week, I ordered a Neti Pot to help with allergies - I now hope it comes soon and will help with my cold.

Apparently the cold got the better of me - I am not fond of floral photography in high contrast light or in color. :)


Dianthus (Maiden Pinks).

I don't remember what this is.

Clover in the grass.

The nearest bed contains two zucchini plants planted about two weeks apart. The bed with the tepee frames (made of hog paneling) has pole beans and cucumbers planted in it.

There are marigolds planted in the desk of this old school chair (a curb freeby).

My cherry tree isn't terribly prolific this year and something is munching the leaves.

Tomato blossom (11 plants this year).


Various iris shots.

Plain ol' generic irises - still pretty though.

So what do you think will win? The cauliflower or the grass?


Baby zucchini.

Below is my new rotating composter. I've wanted one of these for years. So far I like it except that I have a really difficult time getting the lid to fit on so that it latches.


  1. I am happy to see colour photos :) Many of your flowers and trees are not familiar to tropical living Aussies. As much as I love the black and white photos, it's nice to put a colour to the flowers. Can you believe I've never seen cherries growing on a tree until today?

    I hope that you are feeling better soon.

  2. Have you considered going to see a doctor?

  3. So sorry you still aren't feeling well. I have a neti pot I use it everyday it has helped my allergies. I hope you all start feeling better soon.Great pictures!!!

  4. As always, your photos are so stunning!

    I hope you all get to feeling better really soon.

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Well i'm just now seeing this post so your cold is probably better by now. But something that really helps me is inhaling a mix of lavender and peppermint (or tea tree) essential really knocks out the germs, and clears the passages.

    Was drawn to the cherry tree here...yes, somethings been muching there, but in one of the holes its almost a heart that was left...and look at all the light that comes through : )

    Peaceful week to you : ) Wendy

    PS I still think of you whenever i see your kind gifts, especially the pretty pale green clipboard...