Sunday, June 15, 2008

company, photo seminars, and a bad cold

This is A he is Hubby's sister's son. This is a photo from five years ago taken with my little Vivicam with images at 640X480.

A, and Grampy, and Grammy Howard came to visit on the sixth. They leave tomorrow.

Saturday was the photo seminar that I mentioned I would be teaching. It went well. I think I could do that sort of thing again. There is room for improvement but I am pleased with my first attempt. Thankfully, my voice didn't give out.

A brought a bug with him from CA. A bug that the girls caught earlier in the week and one that I started coming down with on Friday. Saturday, I started out my 1.5 hour presentation sounding slightly congested. I was getting somewhat hoarse by the time I finished. I've been pretty croaky the past two days.

I am ready for life to return to normal - I really don't like disruption of my schedule. I like a smooth routine and the past ten days have not been smooth.


  1. the photo of A is so professional!!!
    I would have loved to have sat in on your class...I'll bet it was very interesting...
    you do such excellent work with your camera...
    sorry you all have the bug..hope you feel better real soon...

  2. Hope you all feel better soon!!

  3. stopped by to see of you are feeling better...

  4. It's been bumpy over here, too.

    At least I did not catch the bug.

    I would LOVE to take a class with you as the teacher.