Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday, Stinkerbell had her four-year well check. She is just fine. The doctor said that her cold is improving and that there were no infections. So SB got to have some shots. She was very melodramatic. All the way out of the clinic and to the car she complained about how badly her shots hurt. SB is gifted with crocodile tears and of course she was wearing a pretty dress and her curls looked great and so everyone gave her sad little puppy dog eyed glances of sympathy. :) She is amazing.

The doctor told me that SB is very bright, very strong-willed, and had clear ideas about what she would or would not be willing to do. Then she said "I don't envy you." I've been told that before about my oldest "very bright, definite ideas, doesn't handle change well" followed up with "I don't envy you." Thankfully, I've also been told I am doing the right things. That is a balm because some days, I wonder how they can possibly become responsible adults who love God with me as their Mom. :) But I know that God is gracious and merciful so...

My Uncle UP is the only person in the world besides Mr Dek- who can flat out tell me what to do and I do it. I am not sure what it is about these two men. Mr Dek- was a professor of mine in college (my first meeting with him is a popular family story). I adored him and he wasn't above telling me exactly what he thought of my decisions. When UP was young (junior highish I think) Mr Dek- was the superintendent/principal of the tiny Christian school where UP, my Dad and a bunch of other little M's went to school.

If I remember correctly, it was at this time that UP had the first of many surgeries for his hips. According to Mr Dek- he visited the house and became close to my family. I know he did. Apparently (I do not know if this is before or after his surgey) UP damaged some of Mr Dek- ribs during a recess game of football.

All I know is that somewhere along the line - UP had developed a rare directness that I respond to better than almost anything. Thanks UP and Mr Dek-

Someday, I should share more about Mr Dek- and his wife. Their long-term relationship with my family is remarkable. I can only explain the strange intertwinings as an act of Providence.

So what, you might ask, did UP tell me to do? Go to the doctor. I did. I have the beginning consolidations of pneumonia and am now on medication. Expensive. But I know it could have been much worse. Thanks UP.

A different iris.


Yarrow and pinks.

White pinks. I've been told that when started from seed, pinks can be unpredictable so if you want true copies of the original, you must divide. I started all my pinks from seed last year and ended up with one white plant.

Pinks in front of soapwort.

Soapwort and pinks.

Detail of a white pink.


  1. Thank goodness you listened to UP because you sure don't want to fool around with pneumonia thats for sure. I love your flowers, the pictures are great. keep up the good work...Mary

  2. ME,
    I am glad you went before it got any more serious.

  3. Glad you went and things are looking up. Hope all is well. I have a very determined child myself and know exactly what you mean. :)

  4. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I guess that while we were struggling through the teen years, we should have told Phillip to tell you to do something and we would have gotten results?!! Well too late now, but maybe it will work for the future.

    I love you


  5. "nlm" must be your mom or dad ~ lol! Stubborn children can be a wonderful blessing when they get a hold of the right things to be stubborn about! You will never worry about them being swayed from their beliefs when they are older. I'm glad UP got you to the doctor, Lady! Take care of yourself. Now I'm going back to re-read your post and see if you put in the part about your girls being just like their momma . . . ;o)