Friday, May 23, 2008

competition and talent

Today was field day for DramaQueen. She participated in the 100 yard dash, the standing broad jump, and kick-ball. My child isn't even slightly athletic, coordinated, or competitive.

I waffled between feeling disturbed by the competitive nature displayed in so many young ones (these same children have often dismay me by displaying an unnecessarily high degree of cultural literacy and social savvy) and feeling bad for DQ. You see DQ and her best friend finishing last in this picture.

This is the ball kick competition. This is where DQ did the best.

Here she lands the standing broad jump. I felt really bad for her before this event. The other children were being social bullies and pushing her around and being mean. Sometimes she doesn't seem to get it but today, I could tell it hit home.

I am torn because I honestly feel that in the realm of extra-curricular parents should not push their children. And so I try to encourage and love her without making her practice her skills. I believe that where we focus on pushing and practicing teaches them what we value. So I spend a lot of time focused on Bible and Literature.

She needs to learn to stand her own ground socially and understand that she is special just the way she is because God made her. But sometimes, I do just want to step in and level the playing field. Kids are seldom nice people.

They keep field day very short. So afterwards we made a large deposit at our favorite thrift store and then we went the park and the girls played. Now it is time for me to get ready for Memorial Day weekend. My parents and my sister AJ and her husband are coming to visit. It will be fun.


  1. Oh, that is SO frustrating. I am so glad that my kids have avoided this until recently and at the point where they were better able to cope with it. Kids are so mean and so many adults forget that.

  2. As a child, I remember having a love-hate relationship with field day. It looks like she and sis had a good time at the park later on.

    Enjoy your family weekend! :o)

  3. You got great photos.:)

  4. Even at the playgroup level, I have felt similar things about other kids. It makes me sad sometimes.

  5. children can be very cruel and thoughtless... but as long as she know her family love her the way she is...then she will be fine...mommy can always make the hurt feel better...
    there are many more people in the world that experienced field days like your DQ.. than the ones who were always first to be picked...

    the only game I was good at was jump rope and dodge ball...

  6. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I was always rubbish at sports day (as it is named in the UK) too. I was only ever good at cross country running...and even then only just good at it.

    I feel for you...I am frustrated by how other children treat my children hurts.