Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day weekend

My parents came for Memorial Day weekend. They arrived on Friday evening and left this afternoon. My sister AJ and her husband R also visited. They arrived Saturday morning and left late on Sunday after a rather violent storm.

Our weekend had a lot of bike riding in it. The little kid's variety which you see here and also the big kid's variety which I did not photograph. The girls got to go on two bike rides with Grandpa. Mom and I walked to provide balance support when necessary and towing support.

All adults except hubby went for a ride on Saturday evening.

Grandma, Grandpa, AJ, and R went for a long ride on Sunday afternoon and got caught out in the violent storm. A tornado passed by rather near to where they were riding and they did get hit a bit by some of the smaller hail but were undercover for the worst of it.

Monday, I took a long bike ride with my parents. We rode thirteen miles. As you can see, my parents have trikes. I have a normal bike. My bum was sore. :)

The service on Sunday was wonderful. We went to the early service since hubby and I had to work in nursery for the second service. It was a good service and I got to see how the baptism photos looked on the big screen. They did well. I have room for improvement but they did look awful like I was afraid that they would.

Mom and Dad left today while DQ was in school. After we picked DQ up from school, I looked in the back to see SB conked out. She woke up when I parked and I asked her if she wanted to read or to go straight to bed. She said she wanted to read and endeavored to get out of the car. She fell flat on her face. However, she was so tired, it apparently didn't hurt. She got up and stumbled up the step from the garage into the house. Poor kid.


  1. Oh it looks like you had such a wonderful time with your parents on the weekend...so glad that you could have them ... and the bike rides sound like so much fun...I'll bet your legs are a little sore too aren't they?

  2. Lovely and sweet and boy do I bet you are sore. :)