Saturday, February 16, 2008

what my life looks like and other things that matter to me

this self-portrait is several years old and comes out of a time of depression...

Recently, I've been frustrated by the feeling that I can't do something for more than ten (twenty minutes maximum) in a row without being interrupted if not by outside force by outside needs. It occurred to me that there is a reason for this. This is what my life looks like.

7:00 Wake up with the girls. Make sure Stinkerbell goes potty (Stinkerbell is not potty trained and doesn't seem to think that toilets are a wonderful invention). Because she is not potty trained I try to make her sit on the toilet about every hour and a half to two hours.

- During this time I try to get the girls changed and myself somewhat coherent.

8:00 Take the dog out. We have a geriatric greyhound (nearly thirteen years) who has problems with incontinence so I must take her out about every two hours.

- Wake up hubby. Hubby sets his alarm clock to start ringing at six and lets the snooze go until I get him up. Hubby is addicted to television and usually doesn't get to bed until 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. during the week and later on the weekend.

- Make hubby's breakfast and put his lunch in his cooler (he packs it the night before).

- Feed the girls breakfast.

9:00 Start the car so it warms up.

- Hubby leaves for work sometime before 9:30.

- Get at least one of the girls to take their bath.

- Prepare supper (if I don't get supper going in the morning, I can't cope with my day).

- Do whatever cleaning I can fit in and listen to DramaQueen read.

10:30 Feed the girls a light lunch.

11:15 Take DQ to school.

- Do whatever errands I need to do.

- Come home. Pack a snack for the girls for when I pick up DQ.

- Do a ten-minute stint at paperwork (bills, filing etc) I've discovered if I don't do this a little bit everyday a disaster occurs because I put it off longer than I should.

- Clean. Set the table for supper.

1:45 - Go to school to pick up DQ

2:30 - The girls should be changed for naps and ready to read by this time. Read stories to the girls.

3:00 - The girls go to bed for naps.

- This is my time to blog, write, craft.

5:30 Take the dog out, wake up the girls, do last minute supper things.

- Give the other child a bath if both of them didn't get baths in the morning.

6:00-7:00 Be ready for a phone call from hubby saying he is coming home so the very last minute stuff can be completed.

7:00 Eat supper.
-Last straightening up of the house for they day.
-Get the girls ready for bed.

8:00 Memory work, Bible, storybooks, prayers.

- Girls are in bed by 8:45

9:00 Take a shower.

- read, craft, watch television with hubby.

In between all this are all the routine things that have to get done. And all the other little demands that never fit on a schedule but have to be squeezed in.

It is not that I have a super busy schedule with all sorts of appointments like some people do. It is that I have a routine because it is helpful to me and the girls. The problem is that my life is so interrupted I feel like I never get to complete a thought because I have so many things that need be done by a certain time or accidents or frustration occur.

However, all this seems to prohibit a clean house.

I know I am fortunate that the girls take naps. I am very glad DQ can go to school in the afternoon as it works much better for hubby's routine.

Re: Hubby's routine. I've learned after over fifteen years - this doesn't change and trying to change it leads to withdrawal and anger on one side and extreme frustration on the other so it works better for me to accept it and try to work around it.

Good News and Fun News

My Mom is coming up on the 24 and staying for a whole week. I can't wait.


  1. I have been through times like that--in our house the sleep schedule rotates--right now my husband is sleeping from 2 something to 10 something. It will gradually shift until he is sleeping from 8:00pm to 4:00am. Living with it seems to be key.

  2. It sounds like you're experiencing classic homemaker/motherhood. I remember it well. The good news is that when the children get older, your time does get to be your own more often.

  3. I totally get the feeling of not getting things done. I have to lower my own expectations, and thankfully, my husband doesn't harp on me about it.

    That does help.

    I tend to feel frustrated most days, though, and wish I didn't. Most stay-at-home moms probably feel the same way, but many don't admit it.

    Be easy on yourself. You're a sweetie.

  4. Wow, that is a lot of planned things everyday. I'm sure when #2 comes along my list will get longer, but I feel like I do have it easy compared to you.

    I guess my only encouragement to offer is that a clean house certainly is not a high priority.

  5. This really makes me feel ashamed. I don't have kids and only work three days a week, but STILL have a crappy home and a disorganised life. I'm going to take a lesson from everything you do and learn to do better myself.

  6. Anonymous5:47 AM

    My life is pretty manic too. I hate appointments and stuff. But it's life isn't it? I'm backwards and forwards to school 3 times a day because the girls start at different times and I have Squidge in the morning and I have to get her to school by 12.30 I always feel in a rush and it is my aim to try to smell the roses on the way rather than zooming from a to b like a yo-yo lol! I feel like I'm endlessly chivying the girls to "hurry up". *sigh*

    Life with little ones is very much a life interrupted.


    Sarah x

    I love the photo though. Very atmospheric.

  7. You see your life clearly, and this has to be of help. Or so it seems.

    So glad for your happy news.


  8. I know exactly how you feel. So many of your posts sound like what I am thinking. With a 9, a 7 and a 4 year old nothing ever seems to be finished, or to stay finished. Frustration builds. I remind myself that this year is easier than the last one, and each year they'll become less of a chore. The saxophone, however, is pushing my boundaries, lol.

  9. wow, was I complaining because I have an empty nest??
    well shut my mouth...
    this empty nest is nice and peaceful...
    and I don't have to make anyone take a bath... or brush their teeth...
    and no running anyone back and forth to school...
    but then it is awfully quiet... and I do miss the company...
    enjoy your life...during each phase...