Friday, February 15, 2008

easter eggs and potatoes

I am not sure if I like how the colors on these eggs work together but I am pleased that I managed what I set out to do.

These potato heads were supposed to grow green hair. I didn't have any regular grass seed so I used some ornamental grass seed I had on hand and some bird seed - didn't work so well. These poor leprechauns need Rogaine. Some research indicates that rye grass would work well.


  1. We have tried the potato heads, didn't work for us either. My mom used to do the eggs--the colors work in a modern sort of way though not in the old fashioned sense (Rachel is wearing a top in those colors exactly.

  2. Those eggs are wonderful! The potato heads are absolutely hilarious!

  3. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Oh lol I love the potato heads! We've done the grass growing out of a head thing...but I can't remember what kind of grass it was as it came with a kit.

    The eggs are just gorgeous, what a wonderful gift for Easter they would be.