Monday, February 11, 2008

mostly hankies (one button thing)

just the right size for a jumbo egg

a little hanky pocket - going to experiment with this one

I made these before Christmas for my Aunt P (UP's wife) as a commission

this hanky still had the sticker on it and it said the lace was from spain -I think it is lovely...

a quickie button shamrock pin for my coat...

How to make Hanky Angels


  1. All very sweet. Love the "pocket". And the button shamrock is adorable.

  2. helens art studio7:08 AM

    I've made the angels before but the bunny... that's new to me and adorable. I also love your button shamrock... great idea!

  3. such clever things to do with hankys
    you are very talented...
    I'll bet your girls have a wonderful time enjoying all your crafty ideas!!

  4. Cute stuff, I really loved the lapel pin!