Sunday, February 10, 2008


The girls made a snow gauge on Saturday.

When we went outside at eleven on Saturday morning, it was 26 degrees Fahrenheit. We were outside a little over an hour. By the time we came in it was 16 degrees. By the time I went to bed at eleven Saturday night, it was -9 degrees Fahrenheit and still falling. When I got up it was -15 F. I think the warmest it got today was -2.

No sun or sand? The girls know what to do.

I have two of these terra cotta frogs, one is sad and one is happy. This one is tired of the snow. Something about his expression always makes me smile.

An old school desk that served as a planter for thyme this summer. It didn't work out how I wanted so this year, I think I will just plant some cheery marigolds.

We got a little bit of snow on Saturday morning before the wind started and the temperatures plummeted. The wind was vicious. The view is of the neighbor's to our left as you face our house.

This is my failed idea that I mentioned on Friday. I won't tell you what the idea was perhaps someone will see it. (Hint: Look at the shape of the fabric container).

That said - I do love the fabric combined with the red chenille ric-rac - might have to find another little project for the remainders.

I felt like I was doing penance yesterday. I decided to buckle down and back-up my photos. I am behind behind - way behind. As of now I am up to May 2007 (that is a lot of photos for those who don't realize how many photos I take). While I was backing up photos I also folded lots of underwear, washcloths, socks, and cleaning rags. After I finished the laundry, I went through the filing cabinet removing all the 2007 files and putting them into storage. Three things that I find dull. But I feel accomplished now!!

Church was wonderful today. The lady who sat next to me is in my small group for my Tuesday morning Bible study. During the worship portion of the service we sang two songs that I love, one of them a hymn. So I sang out. Valerie thinks I need to join the choir (she is in choir herself but the choir didn't sing today). Something to make a person smile. Good church singing and a good music teacher in school make a difference.

This evening, I followed through on an idea I had the other evening when I couldn't sleep. (I have been trying to solve this problem since I first made the hanky angels). I figured out how to make a hanky bunny without any cutting or sewing. After I made three bunnies I came up with a little hanky pocket.

Yesterday afternoon before I started penance, I made a little shamrock pin (out of buttons) to put on my coat - the button flowers that have been on my coat for over a year fell off the other day so I decided it was time for a new one.

I am sure there will photos tomorrow.


  1. that is way too cold for me!!!
    but the girls seem to enjoy it!!!
    I hope you got all your photos backed up...if you did then you can feel that you really accomplished something...
    we all have things that we lay aside and keep telling ourselves that we need to do it... and it never seems to get done...

  2. Anonymous3:47 AM

    Cute froggy.

    It is wonderful to accomplish dull tasks.

  3. These are all so sweet and I want to comment on everything all at once but my brain is too fried for that. Got your card today--thank you. I didn't expect it, really. I loved all the stuff you sent and have things of yours displayed all over my house which tickles me pink.

    And I know what you mean about the singing--I have half a voice--it is really good when my hormones are normal, not so good when they are crazy--for instance I cannot sing when pregnant, at all. :)Those compliments are so fun though. :)

  4. I wish I had something as fun as those frogs for my garden. Very unique.

  5. What a fantastic snow gauge! Congratulate the girls please.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day
    Lovely journal and photographs and blessings~