Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Right now things are well...I get frazzled and distracted but nothing is eating at me if you know what I mean. However, I thought I would write a down-and-dirty post about things that don't often make it here. It is not that I try to portray a life that is calmer, cleaner, more gentle than it really is. It has more to do with a very hard lesson learned that I do better if I don't complain about my trials. I have discovered that when I talk about the yuckies I obsess about the yuckies so I simply try to avoid dwelling on them. And as I said, life is pretty good at the moment (except for the ugly children alluded to in the previous post). So here are some random uglies, hidden truths, or weirdnesses from my life.

1.) In the afternoon, while the girls nap, I often get into my pajamas again and change out of them when the girls wake up. Do I nap, nope - I just want to be comfortable.

2.) I would not call the meals I put on the table balanced in a classical sense. I am prone to one dish meals plus bread except in the summer when my garden is going nuts (as it is right now).

3.) In the summer, my house gets a little bit dirtier than I care to admit (try gross in some places). I am too busy being outside and doing all the things I can't do September through April/May to worry about cleaning too much. In the winter, I make up for it with multiple cleanings that are unnecessary.

4.) My closets and dresser drawers are ugly. I am just not into keeping clothes in neat stacks or hanging straightly. They get folded, then they get jammed in wherever they fit, and as long as I can close the doors so that no one can see, I don't care. Hubby's are neat and perfect.

5.) I am a million times better than I used to be but I am not a patient person. Even at my best, I can be irritated more easily than I care to admit.

6.) I know that a five cent piece of change is larger than a ten cent piece of change but I have to think really hard to remember which is a dime and which is a nickel and sometimes, I just can't.

7.) I hate making beds - I am not good at it at all - so I let hubby do it.

8.) Sometimes I am lazy and open another jar of peanut butter because I don't feel like scraping the remains in the old jar - but I don't toss the old jar out, I stick it back in the cupboard for hubby to scrape (but I don't tell him).

9.) More than ninety=five percent of my fluid intake is iced tea. Water and fruit juice are next. I am happy to say that Dr. Pepper is relegated to Saturday night with pizza or hamburgers.

10.) My children watch television once a day for one hour to two hours but the real pickle is this - I let them do it during lunch so I can get stuff done without interruption.

11.) I seldom drink milk after the bottle has been open a day or two. If milk tastes even slightly off, I can't stand it.

12.) I take life way too seriously.

13.) I am tired of owning a dog but realize that when Willow dies (she is twelve which is very old for a greyhound) we will get another dog. K loves dogs and cried when she thought we got a new one and I chased if off (a very, very friendly little silky made itself at home in our backyard). Hubby wants another one too...basically, I think it is three to one around here.

14.) I do not wear shoes that need to be tied if I can help it. I like to slip on shoes and go without having to bend over.

15.) I am too lazy to make cookies. Every week I make hubby chocolate chip cookies for work - only I make them as bars (which if you like soft chewy cookies is much better anyhow).


  1. Welcome to the human race. You sound very normal, so go easy on yourself. :)

  2. I latched onto your comment about some parts being gross. Thanks for that. My bathroom, here in our sort of old house (is 60 years old?) is definitely gross in some parts. Try the corners of the ceramic tile floor where it's coming loose.

    Thanks for your honesty. But I liked you already before. :)

    Btw, will be emailing you my address. The book can't get here without it, eh?!!

  3. You sound normal to me.

    I'm in a quandry about our move. The house we are in will be torn down - so do I CLEAN it when we leave? It would feel to me like preparing a body for burial.

    I tend to worry about really odd things.

  4. Sounds like a lot of the things I do not like to do. Your not alone.

  5. Me it is good that you take time for yourself when the girls nap. Also don't think that you are in a competition. Look at Grandma M. I think your dad and all you aunts and uncles would agree that we grew up in a loving family. Grandma M thought it was more important to spend time with us then keeping a spotlessly clean house. As far as the peanut butter goes. Your Aunt P is far more relaxed about things like that. I often go behind her putting things back in the cupboard. However, I know she does things around the house that I don't enjoy. That is just part of marriage.

    Now as far as bars versus cookie goes. I have great memories of jumping of the bus and racing all your aunts and uncles to the front door in order to be the first to find out what Grandma M made that day.

    Also you must always remember that God made you you. If He wanted you to be someone else He would have made you someone else. Enjoy being you. I always have enjoyed you being who you are.

  6. I remember leaving my Nan and Granddad's in my mum n' dad's car and crying "I want to stay with you, I love you more than mum and dad" that must have hurt my mum and dad at the time, the thing is I was totally unaware of the hurt I was causing and the fact is it wasn't true anyway, I loved mum and dad more but it was more of a novelty to stay with nan and granddad.

    I love to snooze in the afternoons, but L and B are really too big, sometimes I make L have a snooze so that I can, but then pay for it later.

    I never fold things neatly either. I want to be tidy in my drawers and I have tried. But everything is jamed into drawers...I never iron bedding or pyjamas/nighties, it's pointless if you ask me...neither do I iron teatowels - what's the point in that? LOL. I like to reorganise my cupboards every so often but it's always a HUGE project.

    I'm not a patient person either. I can't stand it when someone says "I'm going now" and then takes half an hour to actually leave. I'm more of a "get on with it!" kind of person,, *sigh*. I went to see our Pastor about my temper yesterday in fact. I have a fiery temper, it flares up and then subsides. I am so fed-up with it though. I don't like shouting, it doesn't do me good and if the kids see it it doesn't do them good. He told me to constantly pray "God be my peace" and to not be praying "Lord please make me patient/calmer/not so ratty" because He doesn't change our flesh but puts it to death and then He reigns in us, we have to therefore ask HIM to be our peace, not that we might be more peaceful...does that make sense? I'll let you know how I get on...

    My kids watch a lot less TV than they did, but they do still watch.

    I'm with you on the milk...I'm not very partial to milky things anyway and the mere smell of milkshake turns my stomach. So if it has even the slightest smell I have to hold my breath.


  7. Oh i just love the peanut butter one Me : )

    PS Jammies during naptime? I have to admit there are ENTIRE DAYS i spend in my jammies when my injury acts up, lol. And im sure with you on the slip on shoes, i have a hard time with tie ons too...

  8. Oh, Me, you are so *us*, it would appear! I loved reading this list - so honest, gentle, and real.

    Almost empty peanut butter jars - yes.

    Slip on shoes - yes.

    Comfortable while children are napping - yes.

    One dish meals - yes. Especially in summer.

    Cookie bars - always.

    I pray you are blessed this weekend - and by the way, if I want to take life a little *less* seriously, I wear my pajamas and cook less and clean less!! So I think you are just fine!


  9. Wow--we are a lot alike--except I am the one everyone leaves the peanut butter jars. I used to do the tv thing but now I exchange it for video games. :)

    We just got back from a mini vacation and now hubby has had gall bladder surgery so I am not yet caught up.