Sunday, June 17, 2007

so random a weekend

Saturday, me and the girls met my sister A about an hour and a half south of here and picked strawberries, ate lunch, and took a peek into a junk store (okay, I cheated and bought a kid's book).

This morning the girls were up at six so we took an hour and a half long bike ride before breakfast and church.

After church and a nap we gave hubby his Father's day gift (The ship painting I bought a few weeks ago). He seemed to like it. Then we went outside and played for awhile. Supper was Eggo waffles and strawberries with cream.

This little wild rose (that I found on our bike ride) wasn't even six inches tall.

We stopped at the memorial to stretch and play this morning as I didn't want the girls to get dirty at the playground before we went to church.

C is the ringmaster.

K is the audience.

K is Cinderella and C is a Dutch Fairy in their castle.

Stretch - I am not sure, is this a katydid?

I made some Kublagosh this weekend with cherries from our tree.

My Mom made the girls some new dresses.

The girls play at being monkeys.

Red Admiral butterflies are everywhere this year. When I go bike riding we see them all over the park. At the water sprayer at the park they hang around the edges. When the sprayer isn't in operation, they land and enjoy the pools of water. This tree next to the shop at my husband's work is very popular with them.

They are irratic and jittery butterflies and so they fly around like kids with too much sugar. If one walks up to the tree they fly up like a cloud of leaves.

Gold is pure
And so is pearl,
But purest of all
Is an innocent girl.


  1. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Oh so beautiful what wonderful photos , I love them all and I looove your girl's new dresses.

  2. A little wild rose. I love it. :-)

    Bet your mom has great fun, making dresses for the girls. Please tell her that I really enjoy seeing her handiwork.

    Those Red Admiral butterflies are beautiful. And they must be enchanting when they are 'disturbed' and fly up like a cloud of leaves.

    And the word picture you painted with those words, is enchanting.


  3. Great photos! Your girls are beautiful.