Friday, June 15, 2007

bike rides and bluebirds

Wednesday I took the day off from exercising as I had rode bike or run nine days in a row. But yesterday, we went for a bike ride in Bunker Park. We left the house at seven so it wasn't too hot yet. It was so much fun. The trails are hilly and curvy and at one section the hills and curves all generally move down so the more than three-hundred combined pounds of me, girls, bike, and trailer flew. It was a blast.

The warmth, the light, the summeryness was gorgeous. I wish I could share with you the beautiful warm glow of an early morning sun, the bursts of birds and songs rising from the grass and bushes, the upward shooting golden motes of light as insects fly-up. It reminded me of being a child in Kansas.

Because we were out so early the spiderwort was still beautiful not limp and wilted as it would be later in the day. The lines and color of spiderwort are elegant. I wish I could paint.

Today was a dragonfly sort of day. We biked into Bunker Park and then I read Uncle Tom's Cabin while the girls played at the large, nice, empty playground in the middle of the park. As we rode through the park we saw many dragonflies and, of course, I had to shoot some of them.

It is very hot and muggy today it was 94=degrees=Fahrenheit when we came home from our trip. I imagine that is why we saw so many dragonflies and butterflies. I think they like the heat. There is a mister at the playground and there were many butterflies drinking from the water on the cement.

A pair of bluebirds have moved into the bluebird house I put up this spring. I am thrilled! I hope I get a chance at better photos!!


  1. Congratulations on your bluebirds! I am looking forward to more pics of them.

    Our bluebirds unexpectly left, so now we have sparrows.

  2. You say you wish you could share it with us - well you have, in your words and your gorgeous photos. I feel like I was there, flying down those hills.