Tuesday, June 12, 2007

outdoor activity or eighty-seven pounds of fun

This morning we went for a bike-ride. If you recall, yesterday I said we went for a run. I do mean we - in the royal sense. I bike, I run, and they ride. Today was K's three-year well-check. After the nurse weighed her I asked if she would weigh C. K weighs 37 pounds and C weighs 50 pounds, which means I am pushing or pulling 87 pounds of child plus the weight of their stroller or bike trailer. There would be the additional weight of the books they read while I exercise, the drinks we all carry, and of course the camera. ;)

Daisies in the ditch as seen on our bike ride.

Breakfast on the front stoop after our ride.

The baby robins under the deck took flight last week. Here is one fellow immediately after leaving the nest. Isn't he cute? I wrote an article about robins.

Some pink yarrow in the flower bed at the corner of the garage. Color images of it will appear in my new 'garden' blog shortly.

May you life be strewn with roses
And your children have pug noses.


  1. That's just the cutest little 87 pound weights ever! :o)

  2. Your little girls are so adorable! I really do enjoy coming here to see your marvelous photography.

  3. Your girls are very pretty! What a wonderful photo! I also love the first daisy photo.

    I can't imagine pulling 87 pounds!

  4. Hi Me,

    Well i dont know who's more adorable, your sweet girls or that tender little robin. And I love that poem at the end with wishes for both nature and children in all their beauty...



  5. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Beautiful photos and you've a great fun way to exercise!

    I loved to read about your day on your previous post too.

    Your girlies are just so pretty.


  6. Beautiful photo of the girls (and love the others as well. Wow, I just measured my kids yesterday (and weighed them) found out Rachel weighs in at 79 lbs. No wonder I can't lift her anymore. :)

  7. Glad to hear that you are getting out and exercising. It is important to take time to do things just for ourself. After all you end up doing a lot for the rest of the family. So you need time for you.

  8. Oh! I LOVE the robin picture!

    My windowsill robins flew away while we were on vacation.