Wednesday, June 13, 2007

something cute, something alive, something made, and something creepy

This is a shot of K. She loves carousels and when the in-laws were here she made Mom and Dad both dizzy riding on this one.

C told me today that when she catches a gopher I can dig a hole for its home and she will take care of it. :)

This collage is called A Theory of Evolution.

This collage is based on a Steve Taylor (Christian artist) song. You can find more about it at my craft blog.

To see a color version of this strange blossom go to my garden blog.

Since this blog started so late in the year last year, I doubt if you know I like spiders. I do. Sorry. When I post photos of them I will put a creepy alert in the title.

Lipstick and rouge,
Powder and paint
Make a plain little girl
Look like what she ain't.

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