Wednesday, June 20, 2007

friend stuff, craft stuff, flower stuff, garden stuff

Yipppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I can finally show this too you. A while back I posted this photo of my girls. A few days after I posted it my friend Heather asked me if she could paint it. Right before my in-laws arrived I received a package from Heather with the painting in it. I was tickled, pleased, stunned (I don't know many people who can draw or paint, much less draw or paint this well). Heather writes about her process here.

Two weeks ago, I took it to JoAnn's to be framed. It came back today. Isn't it gorgeous. I am so lucky to have a generous friend like Heather. We've never met in person and we've only known each other for a few months. God blesses us where we least expect it sometimes. Thank you Heather.

You can see reflections in the glass. The matte is a charcoal black without stripes.

This is a collage done in a 'vintage' heirloom compact from hubby's grandma H. For details on the collage (and to see the gorgeous outside image) check out my craft blog. I posted a tutorial for it at Suite101.

Some flowers from our bike ride in Bunker today. I mentioned earlier this year that I am thinking of publishing a floral book in the fall with the working title "floral navigation." I am thinking that I might try putting together a calendar called "the flowers of Bunker" and see if the park would like to sell them.

I am ready for BLT's, taco salad, and spaghetti sauce. I actually have some fist-sized tomatoes but they haven't struck me in the right light to photograph them.

I wish you could have all been here for supper last night! We had zucchini.

If I were a head of lettuce,
I'd cut myself in two.
I'd give the leaves to all my friends
And save the heart for you.


  1. Heather is SO talented! I've seen her other drawings and they are great too.

    I definitely think you should work towards publishing your flower book. And do let us know!

  2. I think a flower book or calendar by you would be special indeed! I hope you do end up doing this : )



  3. You asked if the picture on my Side Bar is me. Yes it is. :-)

    And you too, have one of those constantly twittering birds around. I suppose we should be happy for them. But they can almost get irritating, after a while, hu?

    Did you ever see the film "Failure To Launch"? A little chick flick but... there is a satirically funny running joke in it, about a gal who is being driven *mad* by the constant singing of a Nightingale, outside her window. {Yes, of course, they tie in the name of the famous book/film} ,-)

    I don't think either of us is as *far gone* with our constant birdy, as this movie character was, though. -gigggles-