Friday, May 04, 2007

floral navigation

on today's walk

if I were to do an art photography book of florals, how many photos would you want to see in it and how much would you be willing to pay (not that you would have to buy it)


  1. Personally, I'd like to see a thinner book of fewer photographs (I don't know, maybe 30 pages?) so I could really take in and meditate upon each one. A bit like you can't absorb everything in a great museum, you have to focus on a few pieces.

    Some really big, single, prints, some smaller and several to a page. Maybe with snippets of poetry?

    And maybe £15 - £30 ($30 - $60). Ironically I just realised I would be prepared to pay the higher price if it was a present for someone else rather than for myself - which probably means I need to treat myself better!

    Great idea, hope you do it.

  2. I think these are perfect. These would be wonderful in a book. I am not sure how many are usually included. I think I agree with Tess. These would be beautiful.