Monday, March 05, 2007


Before we moved to our current house, I had never seen a bluebird. Our street is Bluebird St which I was sure was a bad joke. I figured bluebirds didn't really exist - they were just something we were taught in school to make us happy. Lo and behold weeks after our move I saw a bluebird. Sometimes in the fall, when I walk in the creek, I see whole flocks as they prepare to migrate.

This past summer, a pair frequented our backyard - especially when the cherry tree was producing.

I rather felt the same way about icicle Christmas decorations as I did about bluebirds until we moved here. When we moved here, our house had three large spruce trees in the front yard. Now we have two - one blew down. One of the remaining trees leans significantly. But those issues have nothing to do with Christmas except that on these trees, I saw for the first time icicles that looked like the ones we used to hang on our Christmas tree when I was little. I honestly thought icicles were just someone's misguided and very imaginative idea of a cool winter decoration for the Christmas tree.

The sunlight streaming in the living room windows was beautiful this morning - just the right angle - a wonderful warm feel. Gorgeous. I had to take a couple of pictures.


  1. I must admit that I had no idea why we put icicles on trees either. Now I know!
    I love bluebirds. My husband got me a bluebird house that he is going to install this spring. I hope it attracts a few. We have them in this area, but not very many.

  2. Wow, bluebirds and icicles are just myths in my part of the world. I am yet to check out a snowflake up close too. Your snow photos are simply gorgeous!


  3. As a child I had a bird book with a blue bird in it. I would stare at it for hours!

    Here, we have a pair of blue-jays. They will occassionally share a tree branch with a male cardinal. I've begged them to hold still while I run to get my camera, but nooooo.

    I've never put those kind of icicles on my Christmas tree. All I have ever had to do was turn my head to the window to see the real thing.

    LOVE the pictures. LOVE them.

  4. You must have led a very sheltered and warm life, with not having seen icicles. :-)))))))

    And yes, I know Bluebirds do exist, as a neighbor is always putting Bluebird houses around our neighborhood, in hopes of luring them. But actually, I've never seen one....


  5. As always your photos give me a reason to pause and contemplate....however it was difficult to focus on the icicles because I actually went shopping for shorts today!!

  6. We have both. I remember a friend moved from Southern California to where hubby was working in Massachusetts. Not only had they never seen snow but they thought that fireflies were a myth. Beatiful captures.

  7. We have a running joke about bluebirds here. Tim was injured by a patient soon after we were first dating. He had a herniated disc in his neck. I was just noticing bluebirds for the first time around that time and we were always spotting them. It became dangerous after he hurt his neck though, because I'd say "There's a bluebird!" and he'd look where I pointed and then "owwww." So, if I'm being a brat..he'll say "bluebird."

    hmmmm maybe that's one of those funnier-if-you-keep-it-to-yourself stories. :)

    I love the pics of the icicles in the trees and the ones of the sunlight on your pretty girls.

  8. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Guess who! This is my first comment. Those pictures of K & C make me miss them. They both look angelic!! NLM

  9. Hi Me, I'm cutting back on computer time lately while this migraine cluster dies down, but I just had to comment here. I love that you live on Bluebird Street, even saved the little address piece from your package because i loved the way Bluebird Street looked in print.

    When i was younger I never saw bluebirds really either. In my mind they became these wonderful enchanting creatures, the bluebirds of happiness. Then after moving to oregon I slowly started seeing them. And it never ever gets old. Each time I see one i still get this thrill of hope surge up somehow, everytime.

    A Blessed Day on Bluebird Street : ) Wendy