Wednesday, March 07, 2007

gallery show

In answer to a couple of questions I received, yes I can sell these at the show. In my opinion, what I will be presenting will be rather low-quality prints (I am, uh, using WallyWorld to print them as I can't afford more) but I will have three prices

As is: EconoPrint (framed)
Plus a few quality options:

I pray this goes somewhere.

The selections for my gallery show.

How do you feel about titles on artwork?


  1. Thank you for sharing which photos you chose. I was wondering about this the other day.

    Are you going to be selling these at the show or just getting exposure?

    I hope it will be highly successful.

  2. Those are stunning photographs! I really enjoying seeing your work here on your blog.

  3. Wow! Just wow! I'm so excited for you. Your photos are so beautiful.

  4. Sometimes I like to see titles.

    Others, like these photos of yours, speak to me without words.

    They are SO beautiful.

  5. Hard question: I used to work at the local public art gallery and it was my "job" to write panels for the exhibits to "explain" the art. It was insanely difficult (not to mention impossible) and contencious (SP?) because of the various opinions of artists etc.

    Long story to say: I believe there are times when a title or words can provide a step in the right direction re: intent behind the art but then there is art which speaks for itself ... your photos speak volumes.

    When I look at them I feel the same as when confronted by the always unexpected beauty in the world -- confounded and mesmerized and deeply fed.


  6. Stunning. I adore macros and these are exceptional. I am so excited for you.

    Titles--it all depends. There is something to say for numbers--especially for minimalist works or trying not to detract from the photo. I think titles are only good if they REALLy work--randomness in art is seldom a good thing and that goes for titles as well. My metalsmithing professor used to yell at me about that all the time--"Make it deliberate, it can be deliberately wrong but at least it is deliberate. Nothing is worse than random art!!!!" I think he was right and I am random by nature. :)

  7. These photos are exquisite!! As with Judy....your photos can speak so much to each person individually...and sometimes we just enjoy the 'whisper' from our own imaginings. However, I always, always, enjoy the quotes that you put with many of your gives me insight into the person that you are and I enjoy this. I too have often thought about putting 'titles' on my photos but every time I attempt this my photo seems to lose something in the translation. Just a thought.

  8. These are simply breathtaking! I get so distracted by the colours of flowers that I don't notice the beauty of their shapes, textures, their symmetry. I only wish I could come to your exhibition.


  9. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Just gorgeous Me! They are just stunning.

    Re: your question - I think that sometimes titles detract and sometimes they add...not much help am I? :)

  10. I love your pictures. The black and white adds a unique and fresh view of nature. Thanks for showing us!

  11. Beautiful... Beautiful... Beautiful...

    As to titles, I'd not be able to come up with any, to do your photos justice. But, you can, I'm sure. If you want them...


  12. so beautiful ...
    for me, they speak for themselves already. :)