Sunday, January 21, 2007

K has a quiet moment

K has a moment of self-discovery. (The bench she is setting on is directly in front of the television - I put it there to keep the girls from actually reaching and pushing the television out the back of the entertainment case and to prevent them from opening the cabinet to the left. The bottom of the bench is open and as seen in a previous post - full of board books).


  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Just beautiful

  2. Anonymous12:51 PM

    p.s. sent you an email :)

  3. What great portraits of your daughter! You will treasure those in far fewer years than you realize. I especially love the first one. That should be framed and on a wall. No doubt. I would frame it and put it on my wall and she's not even mine! ;)

  4. Absolutely stunning. Love the little one pics and the Daddy pics are awesome. Some of them remind me very mch of high school.