Monday, January 22, 2007

hubby's birthday today

37 years ago, he turned one...

this is before he got his little silver front teeth...I guess he had cavities when he was a child and got his little front teeth capped - his parents were appalled.

pre-Me - shortly before he went to college and when I would have been something like a sophomore in high school...he grew-up in CA, I grew up in KS, we met in IA - I won't tell you where we live but it isn't in any of those three states...

one of my all time favorites of him - taken in the college cafeteria shortly after we started dating - with my ol' Minolta Freedom...

obviously, he is the man. I am the one in the black and white checked shirt. his sister is directly behind him with a hat on...(this is in college before we were married)...

nappy nap time (I went through a spell of framing and toning too)...

with his Mom (I went through a stage of cropping all photos square - how pretentious)


a lesson in skipping stones (or not as the case may be).

arms full of love.

dusk approaches.

I am not sure what to say about this photo but it lives deeply in me.


  1. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Love the pictures, they tell the story even better than words. Off to eat fried egg and potato waffles :) Have a great day and happy birthday to Mr Me.

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby. These pictures really do tell a story. I feel priviledged and kind of teary. Hey, by the way, it's nice to see YOU and you look adorable in that pic.

    Loved also the pic of hubby holding the babies. C's eyes are always...captivating, I suppose would be the word.

    The photos of K are precious.

  3. I do hope, for your sake that your dream of a coffee book is realized. Your talent is such a pleasure to see.

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Happy Birthday to your husband. did I see The Breakfst Club gang in there somewhere ;) provide such inspiration for getting out of that Creative memories croppin it square thing...I love the one with just the legs amongst the tree and the last one...oh, and the one learning to skip stones..BTW today was the day I was going to do the neuron(tree) lecture but my daughter had an asthma attack this morning so I had to cancel class.

  5. Happy birthday to your husband. The photos are great!