Friday, December 22, 2006

wet, wet, snow

The blue spruce. We used to have three of these giants in our front yard. One came down in the severe autumn storms of 2005. A second one is tipped and we haven't done a thing about it. This is the healthiest although if one gets down on the ground and looks carefully, one realizes this one was almost lost too. The trees are hazards as they block the view when we try to exit our drive but I would hate to see the last two go as the birds love them.

Swing set in the backyard, isn't it cool how the snow is sliding off?

Some ornamental grass along the edge of my perennial bed (wish I had more of those (perennial beds that is)).

Dried out basil seed - I love basil seed pods so interesting!!

The weirdness of our life. Our dog actually has an over-sized litter box so to speak. We do not give her the luxury of running out the door and using our entire yard. The leaves below hang on the variegated dogwood bushes that run along the back of Willow's area as we call it (Willow being our half-naked 10 1/2 year old greyhound). They are over-photographed in the extreme - but the graceful lines in the winter and fall and the tonality in the spring and summer...what crazy photographer could resist.

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