Friday, December 22, 2006

a thought about my photography

What you see in my photos is for the most part my world. A huge part of the inanimate objects are from my house and yard. And of course my family figures huge in my photographs too. However, never make the mistake of assuming I know everyone in the photos. The post I did about a week ago includes many people I don't know - people from parties, Sea World, Disneyland, the Zoo, where-ever I happen to be as I take the camera everywhere.

What you see in my photos is the world as I see it.

What that means is that my pictures aren't accurate or real. They are my perspective based on the coordinates of my life when the shutter closes. I am alway standing at the intersection of my actual footing on the planet and the course of my heart. All you ever get is a view from that solitary point in the split second it takes to press a button.


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    This was sure to keep that last paragraph to put on the jacket of your first "coffee table" photo book!!! I will get an autographed copy won't I???????

  2. If one ever comes into fruition you may certainly have my John Hancock on it. ;)