Friday, December 22, 2006

so I have a two-year-old, you see...

Last night, while I was getting K ready for bed, C found a 'Where's Waldo' style book on the Nutcracker Ballet. So Dad showed her what to do. He got out two magnifying glasses and he and C were happily searching for the nutcracker when K went out to look for a book to read. She decided to help look and confiscated Dad's magnifying glass. They were having a great time so we let them look for awhile. Then I made the parental ultimatum. Time to read. K would not leave and pick a book. Finally after many efforts we told her she had to go to bed without reading or singing. The first time I tried to lay her down she was out of the room before I got the cover. The second time I lay her down she raced me to the door. I managed to close it before she got out.

Keep in mind that K is destructo child in the bedroom and so we have it safety locked from the inside so she can't breakout at night. She stood and yelled through the crack in the door and shook the knob for fifteen minutes before she crawled into bed and subsided into sobs for mommy before she fell asleep. I went in after she quieted and she was out.

It must have worn her out for she slept in about an hour and a half past normal. I finally went in to check on her and all she had done is roll over since I last looked at her.

These are photos of the girls doing some more searching this morning.

So when she finally woke up, we went outside as big sis had been playing out there for more than an hour. We hadn't been outside more than five minutes when she had to take her mittens off. I told her as soon as she complained her hands were cold we had to go in.

She is my tactile kid. She can't stand not being able to feel things. She can't stand being cold (she is generally hot). We went inside less than five minutes after she took off her mittens.


  1. I love the pictures of your girls.

    Our boys were pretty destructive at that age too and I was a very deep sleeper. Baby gates didn't do the trick - they just climbed over or learned how to unfasten them. In fact, baby proofing was just about impossible since my oldest can figure out in about five minutes how to open anything that is supposed to be childproof.

    One day I woke up to water running in the bathtub and my two small sons slipping about in the tub with their pj's on. They were three and not quite two years old at the time. After that we put a hook and eye at the top of the door so they couldn't get out and hurt themselves.

  2. Is it ok that I'm laughing? LOL Surely that sweet little girl could not be destructive?! Crying? Nah. I don't believe a word of it. hehehe

    The pic with the two magnifying glasses is too cute, but then, they're all cute.

    One blog I read yesterday made me laugh. The woman told her boys to go clean their room..they didn't want to..she said if they didn't clean it then she would just have to start throwing things away. They ran to their room only to come back in five minutes to say, "mama you can throw our toys away." LOL It was that overwhelming. She decided to help them clean instead. :)

  3. Anonymous6:55 AM

    You finally got your snow!!!! I am envious....we are getting rain today and the AC is on :(

  4. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Great photos as always...the double magnifyer one is great!!! I never thought to use a magnifying glass when doing the "Where is..." books...isn't that cheating of sorts???? (he he)

  5. Amy, I am surprised K hasn't figured out how to open the door!! But I am so grateful she hasn't it - we lock her in so she doesn't hurt herself - just as you did with your boys. We have a switch plate cover that we tape closed in addition to locking - otherwise she would turn on the lights and never, ever sleep. Yes - Baby gates - with children like K they don't work - C was wonderful all I had to do is visually block her path and she wouldn't even attempt it - but...K - it is a challenge and all challenges must be taken...

    Lisa, laugh away!! I do all the time - she makes me laugh constantly and thus she has me wrapped around her little finger.

    I think C would come to the same conclusion as those boys.


    I would say that for most people it probably is - but for my husband it is a necessity - while the transplant has improved his vision it is still not what yours or mine is at its worst...

    As to the girls - I doubt they helped - more a novelty than anything I think... ;)

    BTW how sad about your magnolia!

  6. My goodness that is so nice!

    I'm doing a little blog skipping this morning... reading posts, following the bread crumbs of those who leave comments... and I followed you back because I was intrigues by your eye icon.

    so it was so approriate that the first image I see here is that great pic of your girl with the huge eyes behind the magnifying lenses.

    I like the black and white pics. They come across so warm and familiar and personal.

    Thank you for the fun glimpse into your family and the great images.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. I know a 3 year old who'd be a little envious of that Thomas the Tank Engine sweatshirt! Merry Christmas...

  8. Everytime I see one of your photographs, I think 'this is the best one ever!'

    They are ALL the best one ever!

    Fabulous pictures!

    Your girls are beauties!