Wednesday, October 18, 2006


October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen. It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again. Hal Borland

Well, I finished up the photos from Saturday's shoot - there are some nice shots - but my ratio is way lower than I like. I am doing these gratis for my friend - so I think I've convinced her to go out again tomorrow...

This morning was fun!! I was the homeroom helper for C's class today. Her teacher Mrs E said they haven't had a lot for their helpers to do until today!! I took down the old artwork for all four of Mrs E and Mrs D's classes and put them in their folders, I cleaned off name stickies with fingernail polish remover and I got to help administer a simple exam for the children's knowledge of the alphabet for the parent teacher's conference. C did well - but I let her teacher test her!!

C liked having me there too. She seems a bit of an outsider but given her family genes - there isn't much surprise in that...

I should go and work on Christmas gifts...supper is in the crock - so I am good to go...If you are curious, supper is spaghetti. I use one jar of extra chunky musrhoom Ragu, one pint of homemade sauce from the freezer (my parent's recipe - I freeze lots of sauce every year), some tomatoe paste, more mushrooms, wine, Italian herbs, anise, cayenne, garlic, and about an hour before supper, I will add the ground beef, dehydrated tomatoes (I think dehydrating my own tomatoes is just about the coolest gourmet thing I do - they taste sooooooooo wonderful in almost any tomatoe recipe) and a few dehydrated zuchinni (just a few - the flavor is very intense).


  1. mmmmm sounds yummy. We like to dehydrate things, too. Tim just dried a bunch of stuff to take on a motorcycle camping trip.

    Glad you had fun helping in homeroom. It sounds like you were very helpful! I bet your daughter did love having you there.

    I have two was always an "outsider" while the other had a ton of people around ....the outsider is less worrisome..peer pressure doesn't really effect them much. :)

  2. Supper sounds good. To bad I didn't read this until this morning. Otherwise I might have been tempted to drive up to visit you and see if I could have some of the supper.

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