Thursday, October 19, 2006


This travel chess set is a recent junkstore find for a whole whopping 49 cents - it is perfect condition (except where they wrapped it in tape to keep it closed) with all pieces intact. In fact, as you can see it even includes the checker pieces. I am not sure how old it is but you can order a Chess instruction book for thirty cents.

An old poem I wrote and thought to share.


Tracks skid across her arm
and cobwebs grace her hair.

Her husband simply smiles;
shakes his head in despair.

She’s back from the junk store
with new treasure for her lair.

and for those who are interested a gallery of apple seeds I took today...

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  1. hiya...I followed you back from my blog :) ...hope you don't mind...

    so I've read your prose...your poems...and looked at your photographs...and I've enjoyed all...

    I expect I'll be dropping by :)

    (and I love those apple seed photos...each shot makes the seeds seem as if they are not at all the same things from photograph to extraordinary!)