Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Yesterday, we went down to the cities for Tim's transplant check-up. The new cornea is adhering well!! And he can drive. I am so thrilled that he can drive now!! Carting him too and from work gets a bit tedious after awhile. It is also nice cause he hates being the passenger and now he is through with it. The past years journey towards this transplant from Tim's decision that it was time all the way through to the new insurance from his company and his nearly pain free recovery has been a tremendous blessing. I know Tim has dreaded the transplant for a long time (we have known for a number of years it would come to this) and I have craved it, knowing how much easier and perhaps even joyous he would find life after it. But there a number of miracles scattered on our path and it has gone tremendously well. God does exceed expectations when we allow him to work.

What has this to do with Babylon? We were down to the clinic last week Tuesday right after my first Women of the Word Bible study for the year. Our study is on Babylon and the heart of Babylon is found in this quote from Isaiah - "You have trusted in your wickedness and have said "No one sees me...I am and there is none besides me." Isaiah 47:10. After the clinic visit we stopped for supper as it was getting late and the girls would need to go to bed when we got home. When we pulled off we saw a billboard for the Mall of America that defined (imo) Babylon this way "Youcentric: What everything revolves around (you) and rightly so." I knew that I wanted to photograph it for Bible Study. So we stopped last night and did.

After the girls were in bed I downloaded it from my camera and spent nearly an hour and a half playing with it. So I guess it is my photo for today. I do want to credit my friend Leslie for the Lion picture. (She is a wonderful wildlife and animal photographer.[and a nice lady too]).


  1. Often times it is hard to see the miracles as they happen. Speaking from experience.

  2. Congrats to you and Tim. That must be a huge load off. I had to take my Tim to work and back for a while and it was tedious.

    I love your correlation of the sign with the definition of Babylon. I like the way you think. :)

  3. Thanks - it seemed so natural (an so frightening...