Friday, August 12, 2011

Catching Up

I have taken photos of a few things this summer that weren't snowmen. For instance, I went down to the library where my sister works and did the critique portion of my photo seminar. On the way home, I took some photos of a few random things that caught my eye.

I thought this place looked inviting with the afghans, crab apple tree, and open gate.

I don't care for Sponge Bob but loved how odd he looked peeking out of the attic of a historic house.

Junk Art - hard to see unless you click on the picture and view it large.

This place with all the bikes for sale tickled my fancy.

In July we went to the grad party of our babysitter, horseback riding trainer, and all around great friend Rachel. While there I found a cool caterpillar. We took it home and eventually, it turned into this.

A gorgeous tiger swallow tail butterfly.

Hubs was cute. When I called him at work to tell him it had emerged from the chrysalis he asked me to not let it go until he came home.

Earlier this summer, the girls and I all made footprint horses from a fabulous blog called Handprint Footprint Art.

K's - the white blob is a flower.

C's - she was reading Black Beauty at the time.

Mine - the fly covers a paint blob mistake! :)

Finally, I mentioned that our girls have been taking horseback riding lessons.

I love Rachel and will miss her when she goes to college. :(

Yesterday when we were having riding lessons (I didn't have my camera with me - rats). We saw the funniest thing. First we noticed a group of about 15-20 Canada Geese fly over low gabbling away (nothing odd about that). A bit later, I heard some croaking squawks and a heron emerged from the trees to the north of the paddock followed by a second heron. They disappeared in the direction the geese went. Surprisingly, a third heron rose up from the trees and followed the first two.

I saw them circle in the distance a few times and suddenly the geese returned followed by the herons. I remarked to Rachel that "It looks like the herons are herding the geese." Rach made a good intuitive guess and suggested that the geese had intruded on some of the heron's territory.

It was an odd and rather amusing incident. I only wish I had had my camera with me.


  1. Lovely photos, Melissa! Horseback riding... I've never tried it, but it sure looks like fun!

  2. As always, I enjoyed my visit to your blog. The photos are all wonderful. The swallowtail butterfly is amazing!

  3. Those are fabulous photos Melissa. The one with the bikes tickled my fancy too!~ Have a great weekend.

  4. Looks like you've had a lovely summer.

  5. those are some beautiful pictures Melissa. I love how you post black and white pictures, very artistic.

  6. Awesome photos!! How great to watch the caterpillar morph..beautiful! Love the phtos of the bikes ♥

  7. Those equestrian lesson photos are amazing. i wish so much my girls will be able to take riding lessons, but I am not certain whether we will be able to make it work. Your daughters are so lucky! What a wonderful summer.

    That photo of sponge bob is hysterical! we live in a very similar house (minus the sponge bob).