Sunday, May 30, 2010

Walk in the Past

Yesterday, we met my sister and her husband and son as well as my parents for the day. We went to a dog show (and now we can say we've done that), we went out to eat, and we visited a small museum. Because it was so hot and bright, I didn't take pictures of family but....when we were in the woods I did take some nature shots.

Yes this is a bit blurry, I didn't have my macro and my people camera doesn't shoot small very well but, I still like it so there...I like the composition with the grasses and the tiny asters and I like it dark...

My camera did do a bit better with this wild rose.

Super cool shadow shot...

Blurry and liked for the same reason as the photo from the beginning of the trail.

The interpretive center was closed but I got some fabulous reflection shots in the windows. Enlarge them by clicking on them to see the you see the passage of time?


  1. I love the picture of your daughter in the woods, and those pictures from the museum are seriously awesome.

  2. All your shots are great, but I especially like the window ones. It's definitely a cool contrast between the old ways and the shadows of today's ways. Not sure how many sisters you have, but the one in Fremont is probably only about 1 hour from me. I'm in between Grand Rapids and Holland -- both great cities for visiting. I'd love a chance to meet you, maybe it will happen this summer.

  3. Hi Melissa... What striking photos! Gorgeous light play, the photo of your daughter is beautiful!

  4. Very cool photos.. I love the awesome shadows on the leaves one..