Sunday, May 30, 2010

Field Day

Friday was field day for the girls. When I was a child, field day was the last day of school. Not so for my girls, they still have seven days left. Weird, huh?

Because I am one person and I have two girls I didn't get to see C's first event which was high jump. She said she never cleared the bar. :(

K's first event was the 100 yd dash, she got third. K is the one in the red.

Her second even was the javelin. Isn't this the cutest idea? She tied for second.

Her third event was the standing broad jump. I don't think she placed (they get ribbons on Tuesday).

Her last event was the obstacle course. I am not sure how that works because as far as I know, no one was timing it.

C ran the hundred yard dash. She is not very speedy, which makes her sad. On the other-hand she blew me and K a kiss when she ran by!!

I didn't get a shot of her at kickball because one of the helpers was in the way for every shot.

Her relay team got third.

Now just a little over a week and we will be done!!


  1. What a fun idea, looks like she had a blast! How sweet that she blew you a kiss as she ran by, that must have melted your heart:)

  2. I always loved field day, it was my favorite day of the school year (and I loved school!). My kids didn't share my enthusiasm, but I did usually stop by on their days. So great you could be there to capture those memories. You girls are adorable.