Tuesday, February 02, 2010

snowflake therapy

I needed some therapy and photography always works and today we had good snowflakes (it is amazing how seldom the weather comes together with everything you need for good snowflake shots).

I got about fifteen minutes before WOW and about the time I got home the snow fizzled out.

The other remarkable thing about taking photos of snowflakes (unless you go for those extremely technical shots which don't thrill me) is that I get good ones at all - a macro set at 2.8 just because I like shallow DOF means a breeze - snowflakes hitting the grass where I am trying to shoot one flake, my own breathing can throw the whole shot out of focus).


  1. I have missed your macros-- these are so amazingly stunning they take my breath away.

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Beauuutiful. Amazing.

  3. These pictures are just stunning. You know, I didn't really believe snow flakes were so detailed and pretty until I saw your photos. (I have seen snow about three times in my life.)