Wednesday, January 01, 2014

organizing principles

I have a tendency to find 'big' projects. I find that they help me organize my life. Having a theme that keeps me focused and forces me to make time for my focus, encourages me to keep the rest of my life running smoothly.

2011 was the year of 100 Snowmen
2013 was the year of The Marathon

What I have found is that having a stated goal (in both cases, I shared with my family what my goal was) helped me stay focused not only on achieving my goal but making sure that I maintained the things in our household and home school that are important to us.

I have three principles that in my mind work together as one goal. Three projects from 2013 contributed to the idea for this 'big' project. The first project was helping C put together her Anne of Green Gables party. She had been asking to have a tea party and to use her Anne of Green Gables cookbook for awhile. I told her that we could have her tea party as a birthday party. I had to commit to it because the project filled me with trepidation.

I enjoyed planning the party (once I took the first step) and I rather enjoyed watching the girls have a fun time.

The second project was when K fell in love with the movie "My Neighbor Totoro." We had been renting the various Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki films but it wasn't until we watched Totoro that K became enthralled.

I tend to research items that interest me so I started researching Totoro and found examples of various Totoro cosplay ideas that were extremely doable. Tim was behind me 100% and suggested that I make a sweatshirt. My girl was thrilled.

Because I was making K a costume, I decided that I needed to make C a costume. I found a pattern that looked a lot like the many drawings of elves/fairies/rennaisance dresses and so I made it up for her out of an old sheet.

She, too, was thrilled. Last year, I had intended to make them Renn Fest costumes. However, I ended up just reworking some items we bought at Goodwill. This year, I hope to complete Renaissance Festival costumes and this dress is the first step.

So what is my three-in-one organizing principle? A Totoro themed birthday party for K and a Hobbit party for C and finish some really cool Renn Fest costumes. How do these three things work together? After researching my ideas, I realize that a lot of things I might make for a Totoro party can double for a Hobbit party. And Renn Fest components will probably work well for a Hobbit photo booth (of course both parties will have photo booths). :)

I also want to lose 20 more pounds. I have lost 40-45 pounds and a recent visit with my doctor confirmed what my gut told me. I need to lose about 20 more pounds to be in an ideal weight range.  I've been running on a treadmill regularly and starting January 2 - more care will be taken regarding what I eat. 

Of course, I have told myself that none of this can happen until I finish a certain gift for my FIL.


  1. I've set myself very general goals this year.

    Your girls are so gorgeous, and like mine they are growing up SO fast! Do you find it both exciting and terrifying like I do? LOL

    Chatterbox and her friend are going to go and watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Friday. I've read a couple of friend's reviews on Facebook/blog and there seems to be general disappointment. Did you enjoy the latest installment?

    Happy New Year Melissa!

  2. I admire your resolve and your ability to plan a project and stick to it. I barely know what I am doing in the morning. Maybe it is because I am retired now. Awesome on the weight loss.