Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day (guess what, I actually made some of the gifts!!)

We had a lovely, laid back sort of Christmas. I got up and made a cheese cake and got the ham and potatoes going. In the afternoon, we went sledding. I went down twice (no photos thankfully). Tim laughed at me cause I crashed into the one tiny little tree on the entire hill.

Tim tries to keep warm.

I made C this fantasy/elven dress from an old sheet. It was a fairly easy dress to sew. I think the sleeves took about as long to sew as the rest of the dress put together (except for the zipper, which I hand-picked - a hand-picked zipper is easy but does take a little time). She was thrilled. I am pleased. I think it is reminiscent of many of the drawings she makes of sorceresses/princesses/elves and I had hoped she would like it. 

We've been watching a lot of the films from the Japanese animation entity, Studio Ghibli. One of their most popular films, My Neighbor Totoro, is about a forest spirit and two young girls. K fell in love with Totoro. While researching Studio Ghibli and Totoro, I found a number of Totoro hoodies and decided to make one for K. It was remarkably easy, I bought a hoodie and some fleece and winged it. I carefully removed the pocket and used it as the back of Totoro's ears. I hand stitched the whole thing. 


  1. What adorable creations!!! The dress is stunning, she is so an elven princess. The Totoro hoodie is the cutest. You can tell by their faces how excited they both were.

  2. Beautiful as ever. Here's to a blessed new year. xx

  3. My CC adores My Neighbor Totoro. Be careful they might end up living with missionaries and speaking Korean:}

  4. The dress and hoodie both turned out beautifully. I wondered what all that tortoro business you were pinning was about! So fun.