Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sea World

We visited Sea World while we were in SoCal. The first exhibit we visited was the Polar Exhibit where we saw the Polar Bears and the Beluga Whales. 

See the Polar Bear in the background?

There were walruses. Walrus really are quite impressive when you get a chance to see them close up. 

K compares her hand to the footprint of a Polar Bear. 

Tim and the girls visiting a Beluga Whale. 

K is the girl in the white t-shirt with the ponytail.

K was thrilled to be splashed multiple times by Shamu. He breached in front of her as well but my camera shutter locked (my lens is going bad) just as he breached so I missed it. :(

C really enjoyed petting the mantas at the end of the day right before we left.

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