Monday, November 25, 2013

Legoland (crazy amounts of photos)

Tim's parents took us to Legoland when we visited them. They even got us a room at the Legoland Hotel which is pretty cool for kids. 

Check out all the fun Legoblock decorations in the room. 

The Lego creations were on the walls, ceilings, and every possible surface.

Check out the dragon guarding the entrance to the hotel. Can you see the girls?  Below, you can see a better look of the dragon.

We enjoyed the Storybook Ride - K was a bit nervous. Tim and C enjoy Little Red Riding Hood. 

This was a fun little ride - we waited almost an hour to get on it as it was one of the rides both of the girls really wanted to go on. 

K and I had fun on this self-propelled 'power-tower.' 

Legoland has added an aquarium and since Tim's Dad got a park-hopper pass we went through the aquarium (we spent a whole day at the water park too but I did not take photos). 

Do you see the gigantic lobster in front of C in the photo above? It was real. 

The best part of Legoland (and the reason for why there are soooooooooooo many photos in this post) was the Star Wars figures. Above, T and the girls pose with Chewy and R2D2.

 Striking a pose with Darth. 

The life size X-Wing was absolutely amazing. The statistics for it were jaw-dropping. You can see the scale if you look above - Tim and the girls are in that photo. 

Mt Rushmore was pretty cool and Einstein made me smile. 

Love all the models from Star Wars.

The girls chill at the amazing playground at Legoland. 

Sorry - couldn't resist sharing Bottom with you! Isn't he great?

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