Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kei the Mighty, More Snow, a Couple of Bracelets

Isn't Kei a cute boy? He is stubborn and both Kei and Yuuko use urination as a form of expressing their disgust with us. It has not been easy but when they are sweet and good, man do I think they are adorable!!

This is what it looked like the morning after the blizzard. According to the weather we probably got somewhere between 8 and 10 inches.

We got a bit of snow in the night last night and we are supposed to have rain starting soon, which is to turn to snow in the night.

I didn't clarify for Tim that I wanted a picture of the top of the bracelet. So in the photo of my hand you get to see the pretty natural stone beads I used for it.

Below you can see the top which is the handle of a pretty spoon. I think the daisies are very happy and darling. I think I might remake it when my skills are better - curve the top a bit and redo the stones but we will see.

The leather bracelet is a bit of a belt. I don't know if any of you remember the costumes I made for our nativity photos a couple of years ago. At that time I bought four belts of this style to use for the shepherd's headpieces either by themselves or with a fabric head-covering. At that time, I saved a bit of belt to make into a bracelet. It is finally done. :) Both bracelets are a stash bust. I had the green stones, the spoon, the belt, and the button all in my stash.

By the way, I do not wear silver and gold/brass tones together generally speaking but C modeled a lot of stuff for me the day I shot this so I decided to do both bracelets at the same time.

Her wrist is so skinny these are pushed way up her little arm.


  1. The snow is outrageous! The dogs look so in their element, happy little beauties. I love looking at them, those faces, those gorgeous silhouettes. Both bracelets are did you punch holes in the spoon handle? that is NOT an easy task. I feel the same about wearing mixed colors of metals, but often I see people doing it successfully. Hmm, maybe we should do it more often.

  2. Those are really pretty bracelets! You are so talented, Melissa. I love that you delve into a project, let your creativity loose, and end up with such lovely items to show us. Happy Sunday!

  3. I really like the spoon bracelet!

  4. The dogs are gorgeous. Shelley would love snow if we had some:{ The bracelet with the daisy spoon is darling. That is a good idea...and I have a thing for vintage flatware too.